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♥IU♥ Part 1

This is my pimp post for the lovable marshmallow IU!

Stage name: IU (아이유)
Real name: Lee Ji Eun (이지은)
Birthdate: May 16, 1993 (Age 16)
Label: LOEN Entertainment

IU debuted at the young age of 15 on September 24, 2008. Since then she has released two mini albums and one full album. IU plays the guitar and is well known for her acoustic covers. She is currently a fixed guest on four radio shows: Super Junior's Kiss the Radio, Maybee's Raise the Volume, Taeyeon's Chin Chin Radio, and Park Kyung Lim's Starry Night.

Music Videos and Performances

Miya Music Video
MBlaq's Thunder is featured in the latter half of this video. He was formerly a trainee at LOEN with IU. They even did a couple covers together: Lies Acoustic Version & Sorry Sorry Acoustic Version

Miya Performance

Boo Music Video

Boo Performance

You Know Rock Ver. Music Video

You Know Rock Ver. Performance

Marshmallow Music Video

Marshmallow Performance

Gee, Lies and Sorry Sorry Acoustic Covers

Suho - Monday Thru Sunday (feat. IU) Music Video

Part 2: Albums
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